I need help designing a homemade fire panel

i am making a fire panel to protect an area of my house where there are no smoke alarms, and i want to make sure that i have a sound design before ordering parts.

I would not rely on a homemade panel to actually protect part of your house: there are liability issues in doing so, especially if the panel fails when it’s needed most. I’d recommend just installing more smoke alarms in that part of your home (preferably dual-sensor: ionization & photoelectric).

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I would not recommend you using a homemade FACP to protect your home

Photoelectric smokes are probably your best bet if you can’t afford dual-sensor units. A custom panel is generally for hobbyists. Not for protection of life or property.

Use an already manufactured fire panel, something like a vista 20p is a good source of protection since it is rated for residential and commercial use. You can use their smoke detectors or other hardwired detectors.


Home-made devices are NOT life safety devices. That’s not just a legal issue but a LIFE-DEATH problem. You certainly don’t want the panel to fail during an actual emergency, which would be much more likely to happen on DIY’d panels than commercially-produced ones.

Even if the laws, codes and regulations are not in consideration, go and fetch a decent panel designed and produced by professional company - even if it’s a second-hand one - for your own safety. Or just add more smoke detectors compatible with your household burglar alarm system.

Like what Wheelockns said I recommend using a (depending on the size of your home) a Honeywell Vista 15 or 20p panel. These panels can be configured for use as a security system and/or a fire alarm system. You can pay a company to install it for you, or you can install it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself be warned that there is some programming involved but there are many YouTube videos on it along with some topics on here. These systems can also be programmed to dial a monitoring station when there is an alarm condition and they can automatically dispatch the proper authorities. Hope this helps you!


while this is true, it is better than nothing at all.

i suppose it is sort of my fault for not being completely specific. the entire floor is open, and there is one detector at the foot of the stairs. i just wanted something extra.

Yes, but I still wouldn’t trust one for actual life safety purposes.