i need help wiring an i3 detector to an MS-4

hey everyone i need help wiring 2 system sensor 2W-B i3 smoke detectors to a Fire-Lite MS-4
if anyone can make a video or something that would really help me. i tried the website but i dont understand
so someone please help me, thanks.

It’s actually quite simple. It wires directly to the zone just like a pull station. The only difference is it has polarity – positive and negative. Make sure you do not have that reversed or the detector will not work.

The order of pulls / smokes does not matter.

Source: My MS-2 (identical to MS-4 except for number of zones and nacs.

do you think you can make a video that would be great if you can

Here’s a diagram:

Thank you guys :smiley:

one more thing where do i connect the ressetable power to

Since this is a 2-wire detector, you don’t need to worry about the resettable power.