I went in the local Walmart recently and the annunciator was beeping

I went in Walmart recently and the fire alarm annunciator was beeping.

"beep beep - beep beep - beep beep (pause) beep beep - beep beep -
beep beep (pause) beep beep - beep beep - beep beep

Yeah, I think I’ve been in a few Walmarts where that’s been going on. Given the pulse pattern you described along with Walmarts commonly using them, I’d say that Walmart you went to has a Bosch or Radionics system (Bosch now owns Radionics). More than likely the system was probably in trouble (though that pulse pattern might also be used for supervisories, I’m not sure).

The Walmart stores I have been in have two annunciators. One at the grocery entrance and one at customer service. Some of the Walmarts I have been in have a panel with very few buttons at the grocery entrance and one with full system control at customer service.

I think I’ve been to a few Walmarts that had that kind of setup. Yeah, Bosch/Radionics have sold several models of keypads (as they call them) with differing amounts of buttons.

I was in Walmart today and the fire alarm went off a couple of times for a few seconds. L-Series horn/strobes and remote strobes on the ceiling.

the fire alarm went off a couple of times for a few seconds.

I’ve seen this happen in person. It’s gotta be a Bosch system. For whatever reason those Bosch systems are really bad about controlling their NAC circuit if the panel is experiencing AC faults or other troubles. One time during a tornado warning, the power in the Walmart would flip to the backup generator, and each time it did, the fire alarms would go off for about 2 seconds and then stop. I don’t know why the panel acts this way in response to the backup generator being triggered, but it goes to show why most of those stores have been replacing their systems.

Very strange if you ask me, though I’ve been in countless Walmarts & none of their systems ever went off while I was there (even though I believe a few of the systems did have troubles).

The local Walmart has no backup generator. If the power goes out they have to close the store until the power comes back.

The day I went in the local Walmart and the fire alarms went off twice for a few seconds the annunciator wasn’t beeping. Both when I came in and when I left the annunciator was not beeping. I did hear a sound coming from the fire exits each time the alarms silenced. They have delayed egress.

Something in common with Walmarts. In every Walmart I have been in the NAs have been either Wheelock or System Sensor brand. The brand of the annunciators and pull stations have have been Radionics/Bosch.