I’m thinking about flying on Icelandair for fun because I am an aviation nerd, has anyone flown with them or is there anything I should know?

I have not, although my wife and I are flying to Ireland for our honeymoon soon. We looked into it a lot for our trip and it looked to have good reviews and be promising… We did, however, end up getting first class tickets for a great rate on American Airlines so we went that route instead.

If you fly with them, let us know how it goes!

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Ireland Is a really nice place! I think some of my ancestors are from ireland

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Gonna catch one of their old 757s? Those should be gone by 2026

What? They are getting rid of their pencils? Nooooo. Keep the pencil flying!
(For those who don’t know, “Pencil”, “Pencil Plane”, or Flying Pencil" is a nickname for the Boeing 757 since it is long and narrow, they are too narrow to be called a wide body but to wide to be called a narrow body. Other nicknames for the 757 are: Atari Ferrari,” “Slippery Snake” and “Long, Tall Sally” (long legs and two great, big … engines)