Identifying a new Notifier annunciator

At an under-construction building near me, there’s this Notifier annunciator. I can’t find any such one on the Notifier website.

What model is it and what panel is it compatible with?

Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s one of the new Inspire-series annunciators, though it could also be an ONYX-series one too. It appears to use the exact same cabinet as the N-ANN-100R, but I don’t know the exact model of this particular annunciator (maybe if the window wasn’t obstructed I could tell).

This building is fairly small… I’m assuming an N-ANN-100R would be correct.
Anyone know what panel(s) that would be compatible with?

It’s a NANN-100-R and I think it’s only compatible with the NFW-50X and the NFW-100X. I personally don’t like the new ANN-100s. There just a lazy rebrand. You can’t program from the annunciator like you can for the Silent Knight equivalent. The NANN-80s are better because there more compact and it can do the same things as NANN-100s. I feel like if Honeywell manage to make a ANN-100 have more features, I think it would work out better.

I’m pretty sure “N-ANN-100R” & “N-ANN-80” are the correct ways of writing those model numbers (from what Google tells me at least).

You know, I did notice that it just looked like a rebranded Silent Knight annunciator (which I guess it is).