If I want to sync Simplex strobes with nothing but power and a sync module, what module do I need?

I looked into the Simplex 4905-9938. Let’s say I simply provided 24 VDC to that module. Would everything be synced?

Define “everything.”

The 4905-9938 will sync the strobes on SmartSync devices and the older strobes that can be switch selected for sync operation. Horns on SmartSync devices will sound according to the switch setting. Standard non-SmartSync horns will not follow the switch setting but will sound continuous as long as power is supplied to NAC IN. Be sure to use a filtered power supply. Just supply the NAC IN and HORN IN terminals with alarm polarity. Both inputs must be non-coded.

Sorry, meant to be more clear. The question was yes, can it sync Simplex devices that are capable of sync. From what I gather, it sounds like this is what I’m looking for! Thanks!