I'm back after a while

Sorry for the long posts of inactivity, I completely forgot about this place. I’ve had some things going on over time, getting caught up with marching band stuff, and more. Speaking of marching band, I play trombone (straight horns at games and in-school rehearsals, and F Attachment, which is pictured below, at competitions)

I’ve also gotten some interesting things since I last posted. I’ve gotten many new weather radios (That’s for a different channel though), and other interesting items. Some of that is:
-RadioShack EC-4023 Programmable Scientific Calculator (That just dies and puts a dash on the screen if you put in a math problem).

-Sony Walkman Cassette/FM/AM Sports WM-FS393.

…and more.
Anyways, I’m back.


Welcome back, glad you’ve returned, also I have returned.

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