I'm going on Vacation.

I will be heading for Aurora, Illinois to see my brother tomorrow (He has a new condo with a security system!) and help him out. Also I might get a tour at System Sensor which is very close to Aurora, Illinois! Even First Alert/BRK Brands is closer! I will try to take pictures of the notification appliances and the pull stations there.

I will try to be back on Sunday or Monday.

I never knew that they gave tours at System Sensor! Be sure to let us know what you find out. :slight_smile:

That’s very interesting; I’ll be eager to see what you come back with. Happy travels! 8)

I’m going to laugh if they don’t have SpectrAlerts…

In the town where Fire-Lite is located, the buildings all have Simplex systems. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well have a good vacation anyway.

Have a great vacation! And remember, the pull stations on the wall are not meant to be product demonstration :stuck_out_tongue:.

Actually, I’m back from my vacation. I couldn’t go on a tour to System Sensor because it’s a corporate office and the factory is California. BRK Brands Inc. (Smoke/CO alarm company) won’t let me either because I’m not old enough yet.

EDIT: I came back last Sunday.

I have some pictures of the alarms!

Phone numbers blurred out due to security/privacy reasons.

Where are the pics from?

Mostly from a restaurant.