Image Duplication Bug

Just yesterday I noticed that somehow a seemingly good portion of the forum’s images have been duplicated: now where there’s supposed to be only one there’s two.

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I have seen that as well, most likely a formatting issue, interesting…

Got some example posts?

Yeah: here’s where I think I first noticed it:
Fire Alarms in video games - Fire Alarm General Discussion - The Fire Panel Forums

I think there was a glitch back when the phpBB forums were converted to Discourse since the images had to be hosted somewhere else.

I know a lot of work has been done over the previous months to try & fix what the move from phpBB to Discourse broke but I think I only very recently noticed that happening. Either way, it’s definitely a bug & should be fixed if possible.

Thanks for the info. With the formatting issues when migrating from phpBB to Discourse, it is possible that when fixing formatting it duplicated links. I’ll have to see what I can do about de-duplication. That one will certainly be a bit more challenging of a SQL query I’m sure.

UPDATE: Think I got it fixed. As with any major database update, there could’ve been unintended side effects. If anyone sees something out of place, please let me know! Thanks!