Important Updates: February 2021

Hello all,

We hope that this announcement finds you well! We wanted to notify you, the members of The Fire Panel, of some significant changes that due to take place, some of which have already occurred.

Chiefly, the forums have changed ownership from Andrew’s hands last year and are now wholly owned by The Fire Panel, LLC. We, Zach, Katy, Robert, and Johann, are the general partners of The Fire Panel and are working to continue the legacy of the former staff of these hallowed forums. As such, we have transitioned the forums from phpBB to the Discourse platform. This overhaul allows users greater abilities in interacting with existing forum content and in creating new forum posts. We realize that this is a great transition, and some features may seem confusing at first. We do recommend that you read through some of our “tips and tricks” for guides on using Discourse. Forum Tips and Tricks - The Fire Panel Forums

Secondly, and most excitably, we would like to personally invite all of our members, new and old, to the premiere of our upcoming magnum opus project. #MagnumOpus will premiere to the world this Friday, February 26th, 2021 at 6pm EST on the Fire Alarm Tech YouTube channel. The global debut of our greatest work will be available at this link: #MagnumOpus LAUNCH EVENT! - YouTube

Following our premiere event, there will also be a Q&A live stream that we will be hosting to allow the community to learn more about our project. The live stream will begin exactly ten minutes after the initial launch. If you have any questions about our biggest endeavor yet, please stop by this link:

While there is present ambiguity regarding the purpose of this project, our launch event is designed to announce the scope and purpose of this project. Moreover, the subsequent live stream will answer any community questions.

We would like to formally thank the former staff of The Fire Panel for their tireless efforts in building the community that we have all shared over the years. We would also like to thank all the members of The Fire Panel for contributing to the wealth of knowledge made available on the forums.

All the best,
The Fire Panel Team