Indication of the end of a fire drill.

What did your schools use to indicate this? Mine would typically ring the bell when it’s time to return to the building.

When I was in high school, someone blew a whistle.
When I was in middle school, they waved their arms.
When I was in elementary school, they ran the school bells since they had bells outside the building.

All schools that I have been to in my city would sound a 5-10 second all-clear bell to signal the end of a fire drill.

For the first fire drill in Kindergarten, it was a long blast of the bell. For the rest of the year, it was just a handwave from the principal out front and I assume people in other areas of the building went back in when they saw everyone else going back in. In 1st grade we got a new principal and the bell signal returned and it remained that way.

MS/HS, it was just a hand wave from one of the principals.

At UA, we were supposed to wait until building officials told us to, but most people always went in as soon as the alarm stopped going off, which really only happens when they’re ready to let people back in.

Since none of my schools have ever used bells, an announcement would be made over the intercom or walkie-talkies.

Primary School: They would announce that the fire drill was over, please return to class. In 4th grade, they began ringing an all-clear bell after announcing. Usually right after the fire alarm would stop, they would announce to return once the bell rang.

Middle School: They would announce it on the intercom.

High School: They rang the school bell for about 10 seconds.

Work at middle school: They would use a megaphone to dismiss grade levels.

Work at old primary school: ring the school bell then announce that its clear to re-enter the buildings.

My new school: they just announce that its all-clear to re-enter the classrooms.

In kindergarten and junior high, it was one long ring on the outside bells.
Elementary (grades 1-6), we had NONE. The teachers just waited until a minute or two after the alarms go off, or wait until everyone else starts going in.
High school, it was an announcement on the intercom (we had outdoor loudspeakers) telling us it is safe to reenter the building.

When the alarm is reset.

They usually make an announcement on the PA system. At one school for the fire drills sometimes they just made an announcement for the drill instead of using the alarm system (using the regular PA system which is not a voice alarm system).

Not exactly related, but also during my kindergarten year, after we had all gotten back into the building, they’d announce our evacuation time over the PA (which was usually around 2:30, if I recall - not bad for a 4-floor building), but that “practice” again ceased the following year with the new principal.

Elementary School: They would ring the bells twice (about 2-3 seconds on, short pause, then 2-3 seconds on, and that’s it), since this school has two regular bells outside (2 different areas).

Middle School: The fire alarms would sound for about 5 seconds (done twice).

High School: Same as elementary school except 1: it currently uses an electronic bell system, and 2: this school has speakers installed all over the exterior of the building, so the “bell” can be heard from the speakers outside. Also, the pause is between the first bell and the second one is way longer.

In elementary school, they rang the bells, for my school, the administration staff just waves us in.

In my second elementary school (I don’t remember drills in my first ES, but I read somewhere that I would hide in the boys’ room before a drill), they sounded the alarms again for like 10 seconds.

In middle school and high school, they would sound a longer version of the class change tone. In high school before it was renovated, they rang the bells

Old Elementary School in K-4, they use the intercom with the electronic bell to ring 3 times.
Elementary School in 5th grade, they wave us in.
In my charter school I go to currently, they use their walkie-talkies to indicate the all clear.

3rd-4th grade: They will play the same tone as the bell, since there was speakers outside.
5th grade (different school):They would play a tone that indicates it is safe to go inside
6th grade(another different school): same as 5th but first the principal says we can over the walk-talkies, and then the vice principal presses a button on a remote thingy and the same ton plays. What’s pointless about the tone is that there is no speakers outside the school, so you can never hear it.

My first elementary school: The alarms which were sounding in march time, would be silenced, then re-activated in continuous for three seconds to indicate the all clear. I don’t understand how that worked, but all I know is that it was a Simplex system,
Other elementary schools: I don’t know.
Last elementary school: All clear signal played over intercom system. Occasionally, they would ring the digital bell.
Middle school: I forgot.
High school: Announcement made over intercom.

All 3 schools have just rung the class change/recess bells for however long.

Elementary School: The bell inside would be rung

Junior High School: The principal would give a hand wave

High School: They would say it through walkie-talkies

1st Elementary School (Pre-K-Sometime in Kindergarten): 1 Long Bell over Intercom Speakers
1st Elementary School (sometime in Kindergarten through 1st Grade): Announcement over Intercom Speakers
2nd Elementary School (Pre-K 1999): I think they used the bell system…
3rd Elementary School (Second through Fifth Grade): 1 Long Bell over Intercom Speakers (in third grade once they made an announcement then rang the bell system)
Middle School: Rang The Class Change Bell System through Intercom Speakers
High School: Rings Warning Bell through intercom speakers

Why did you go to three elementary schools? Did you move around a lot?