Industrial Air Freshener

Has there been an industrial air freshener invented yet? How are large buildings with a small amount of rooms (like gyms and stores) supposed to freshen the air? I know there are air filters scented by Febreze, but is there anything for commercial applications? They should utilize the venting system in buildings when creating something like this. There should be a tank of air freshener, with a tube leading to the central fan in the HVAC system, where it would distribute the scent. Target is all about the customer experience, they should make the stores smell nice (and play music).

I’m not sure that they have been invented but it would be a pretty nice idea.

duct tape three air freshners togher. :lol:

Or just light a crap load of scented candles. That should make Walmart smell better, lol, jk.

The only way to make Wal-Mart smell better is if you walk in wearing a gas mask.

Only problem there is avoiding the police, the FBI, the DHS, the NSC, and all the armed citizens who are obsessed with anti-terrorism.

Your not makeing it smell better. Your just not smelling it :lol:

I’ve seen some people on YouTube do some weird things at Walmart.

I’ve seen a lot of intercom pranks on YouTube at wal-Mart

I’ve also seen someone put a watermelon in a toilet.

Why lol some people are weird

I don’t think the Wal-Mart near me smells that bad.

Neither do my Walmarts, it’s just not a positive scent like some would enjoy.

None if the stores I have been to have a scent I would like Especially when people walk buy you and fart.