Information Regarding DMP Panels/Alarm Equipment

There has been some confusion over what has been said on this board regarding DMP equipment, so I am going to attempt to clarify these points for our new users.

Although DMP equipment is versatile and reliable in the ‘real world,’ it can pose some problems for hobbyists looking to purchase used equipment, due to the presence of panel lockout codes. Unfortunately, DMP does not offer a traditional backdoor to their programming passwords. This guide will serve to steer hobbyists in the correct direction regarding the purchase and use of DMP equipment.

DMP Horn/Strobes, Pull Stations, etc.

Field devices, such as pull stations, horn/strobes, and smoke detectors will operate normally and are not affected by lockout code concerns. In most cases, these devices are ‘rebranded’ from another manufacturer. Even though the programming restrictions do not apply to these devices, always be sure to check all compatibility requirements before connecting the device to your system.

DMP Panels (Command Processors)

DMP panels are affected by programming lockout codes, meaning you will not be able to change the panel’s programming without the pass-code. For the purpose of this list, I will only be focusing on XR and XT series panels.

Safe to Purchase
- New/unused panels (ex. surplus equipment) that have not been programmed

  • Used panels that have been confirmed to not have a lockout code (rare)
  • Used panels with a known and verified panel lockout code (always check for documentation and proof)

Do not purchase

  • Used panels known to be locked out
  • Used panels where the presence or lack of a lockout code is unknown
  • Used panels where the lockout code is known, but its functionality cannot be proved by the seller
  • New/surplus panels that are pre-branded by a security distributor (these are often pre-programmed with a lockout code before installation)
  • Any panel marked to be in non-working or “for parts” condition

To prove the functionality (or lack) of a programming code, ask the seller to provide a photo of the panel in programming mode, or better yet, a video of them entering programming mode.

I’ve found myself with a locked-out DMP panel. Now what? :frowning:

  • DO NOT attempt to remove the on-board battery. This will cause some XR and XT series panels to lose all programming and firmware, and will not clear the lockout code.
  • Check all documentation and the panel itself for the lockout code. Often times, it will be jotted down somewhere by the installer.
  • Common code options to try: zip code of location panel was installed, zip code of installation company, central station monitoring number, date of manufacture or installation, last 3-6 digits of serial number.
  • If all else fails, attempt to locate the master-level 99 user code. This will likely be more difficult to find than the programming code, but if you get to this step, send me a PM.