Inspector Spark- The Series

Inspector Spark

Fire Alarm Test One!

In the year 2249, a young man called Inspector Leccy Spark, a fire alarm technician at Spark Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Limited, trading as Spark Fire Detection and Alarms, has built a living AI based fire alarm panel called the SFDaA-4002, dedicated to keeping Inspector Spark safe.

“Lec, please clean my smoke detector”.

“Later Janice, I still need to program you, but this SFDaA-2060-34 handheld programmer PC is a pain in the butt when it comes to Loop Explorer 4.19, oh well, I will leave it for now”.

The next day, Inspector Spark heads down to Midsummer Place Shopping Centre in Milton Keynes, grabs his technicians keys, unlocks the doors, and heads to the management suite.

“Darn, I forgot the code. What was it again? I could’ve sworn it was 2346”! Leccy mumbled to himself.

After putting in the code, Inspector Spark opened the door and headed to the frog clock control panel, switched the golden ball mechanism on, and left the management suite.

After heading towards the clock, Spark grabbed his camera and filmed the spinning wheel and swinging pendulum carrying the golden ball from the sun end of the track to the frog/clock end of the track, afterwards Inspector Spark finished filming, put his camera away and called the lift going up to the food court, just as Inspector Spark headed into Burger King, the PA system speakers did their “ding-dong” and an announcement played over the PA system speakers: Good morning everyone, and welcome to Midsummer Place Shopping Centre, today there is a sale down at the LEGO Store, I repeat, there is a sale down at the LEGO Store, thank you. Over. A few minutes later the fire alarms in Burger King went off, and Inspector Spark headed down the stairs and into the management suite, Spark went to the main panel to acknowledge the alarm to avoid the system going into a stage-2 full fire alarm condition, after a few minutes Burger King reset their system, and Leccy Spark reset the main panel. Whilst shopping at anchor tenant 4: Asda, Spark headed into the back room to have a look at the fire alarm panel which was showing a supervisory condition.

“Sprinkler flow switch, I am surprised that this doesn’t cause an alarm activation. Either way, I am gonna have to replace the flow switch”.

2 hours later, a new sprinkler flow switch was installed and connected to the panel alarm circuit, so that when any sprinkler activates, tripping the flow switch which when activated will cause a full alarm activation in the entire shopping centre. A few hours later all of the fire alarms went off in the shopping centre and the PA system speakers went “ding dong” and played the stage-2 fire alarm PA message: Attention! Attention! A fire emergency has been reported in the shopping centre, whilst we are investigating the alarm, please evacuate the building using the nearest fire exit, do not use the lifts, use the stairs. Thank you. Inspector Spark got his camera out and started filming one of the older bells with the hammer on the outside of the bell in Poundland which was ringing, then he headed to Wilko and filmed the Fulleon Roshni doing alternating, then went over to Sports Direct and filmed the Fulleon motorised fire alarm bell ringing, then finished filming, put his camera back, put in the door code, opened the entrance door to the management suite, grabbed his KAC-KTK key, put the single-pronged end into the bottom of the KAC old style call point, then pulled the key out, resetting the call point element, entered the four-digit access level 2 code for the fire alarm panel, pressed silence/resound alarm sounders, pressed mute buzzer, logged the alarm activation into the logbook then pressed reset on the panel.

“Well that was eventful, I had better reset the repeater panel as well”.

Inspector Spark then headed to the repeater panel and pressed reset on it, and then left the management suite, left the shopping centre and got into his van to drive back to his house, fire alarm collection, fire alarm demo boards, whole-house fire alarm system and Janice.

To be continued…

I see you read my Inspector Sands pilot.


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