Hello, my elementary school every time we had a fire drill there would be a hi-lo tone over the intercom and I have been looking for that tone for years and still cant find it any help guys??:blush:

do you know the brand of the system???


no, I do not i really want to find it.

that kinda makes it hard to find but just keep looking

if it helps i have a very small vid of it?

wait the brand of the intercom system or the fire alarm system?

I know the Rauland Telecenter is capable of doing the Hi-low sound when the fire alarm system is activated.

Here’s one from a demolished school that has that feature.

The continuous buzzer alarms in that video are simplex 2901-9838’s with the 4903-9101 Strobe plates.

no this is not it, idk what it is

it is either a 4903-9219 or something similar.

the fire alarm system

Post it so we have a better idea of what you’re looking for.

it was a simplex system
you can hear it in this video

this is a better one i guess