Interconnecting MXL to XLS

Got an emergency job. Helping out a contractor that took a job but lost their FA guy running the show. Have an MXL in the building. On the floor they are on, they ran out of addresses for what needs to be installed for the current area they are working on. An XLS has been spec’d to be installed and interconnected to the MXL, so when the building is ready to pay for a complete migration and removal of the MLX(this is government work so they aren’t doing the drop in migration for whatever reason) they can. To interface the MXL and the XLS as I have never done this before and I am helping the contractor simply run wire, make sure all wiring, raceways etc are up to code, what kind of wiring is needed between the two panels? I am not doing any programming. That is in Siemens’ contract. We are just getting the wiring, devices etc ready. I’ve never had to do this sort of interconnection before, but am aware it is possible.

It should work but if it’s a multi-node MXL with style 7 network risers (RS485) run in an opposing ring fashion you may have issues or may have to re-run part of the RS485. MXL uses the same screw terminals to pass the data through (in/out) on NET A or B; XLS requires it to be run in/out under separate screw terminals.

We have a few going in that way. You may need a bridge (if you can get NIM’s for MXL anymore) but may wind up with a network B trouble on the XLS if you have to connect it to MXL NET A only…

If you can’t get a NIM, you may have to do a hardwire interface with relays, etc.

Good luck

Luckily it is just a stand alone panel. One of the other buildings for this customer Ive done work in has 6 MXL panels interlinked.

I was able to talk to Siemens, and with no real help from the current EC found a wiring schematic with wiring diagram, wiring needs, wire matrix, etc. Going to make this pain of a job less painful.