Interesting Facility Study Done On My Community’s High School Building

This was a facility condition study that was done on the high school building in my community. This study was done in 2019 and helped the community to decide to build a completely new high school. ( Which will be opening in August.) I found out about this study shortly after they did it but I waited until now to share it because they are just now closing down the old building and I didn’t want to expose any information that shouldn’t have been exposed.

Note- The “Brave Center” and “All Seasons Arena” will be staying. Only the actual high school building will be demolished and replaced.

For anyone wondering, I will elaborate on the fire alarm systems in these two buildings by saying that the high school uses mostly Pytotronics rebranded Wheelock 7002T’s and that the Brave Center uses mostly Simplex 4903 horn/strobes. The All Seasons Arena still has its original 80’s Cerberus Pyrotronics 4 zone system. It uses rebranded Faraday horn/strobes. But they are being replaced by newer Siemens horn/strobes as they die.

The old high school building also still uses a mechanical bell system. They have bells all around the inside and outside of the school. They are using a Simplex master clock that is probably from the 80’s. Sadly, almost all of the wired clocks in the classrooms have died and have been replaced by cheap battery powered wall clocks.

While it is sad to see the old building get replaced, the new one will bring a much needed breath of fresh air into the community.