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Thanks it is great to be back!! Ok will do if I have issues loggin im again.

Hello my name is Andrew and I started watching fire alarm videos since I was 10 years old. I’m still a fan of them. I’m a cadet firefighter and still love them. I’m working on setting up a system in my house

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Welcome and congrats on both setting up a system and the FF cadet! I did the fire academy a couple years back so I know very well just how difficult some of that work is. Keep at it!

Hey fellow Fire Alarm enthusiasts. I am Metrolink_YT and I have been an enthusiast since I was 8. My favorite alarms are the Wheelock NS-24-MCW and the System Sensor Spectralert P2R. You can find me on “The Siren Board” with the same name. Have a good day! :rotating_light:

Welcome everyone. My name is Brandon. I’m a rookie when it comes to fire alarms and I can’t wait to start educating myself on the different models. I run a traffic signal forum and I know various people in the signal community who are in to fire alarms. So I thought why not I hop on board as well. I’m thesignalman on YouTube.

Hi everyone, i’m Zach from an alternate universe, my name is Zack.


Hi everyone. I’m Organham4903, but you can call me Alex.
I’ve been an enthusiast since 3rd grade, and have collected fire alarms since. I just joined the forum this month.
I’m also like music, and I play the organ, the piano, and the cello.

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Hi , I am Caleb aka “ locks and alarms “ i am a FA enthusiast and collector from Texas ,I am a sophomore in high school and I have liked fire alarms since elementary school
I started from making alarms from cardboard alarms and taping them to the wall to buying real alarms off of eBay . Besides collecting alarms I also collect locks and plumbing fixtures. My collection is small but I hope to acquire more devices in the near future ,

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Ive been here since 2020 and still haven’t introduced myself.

I’m MrFireAlarm, a Fire Alarm Enthusiast, Retro Electronics Collector, and a proud TFP Regular :sunglasses:.
You may know me as the person who created the Fire Alarm Abuse (321 Go!) Memes a while back. I tend to make funny stuff about fire alarms. (Apparently)

I started an interest in FA in 2013 ish, and I started Collecting in 2017, and I have about 30+ish alarms currently.

I am currently finishing my house Fire Alarm System, so get ready for drills and System Tests Soon!

My other hobbies are EDM producing, playing the Piano, Euphonium, and Singing, as well as Low Voltage Electronics (Already kinda said that.)

Forgot to mention, I’m a HUGE road geek! :motorway:

Yess! Livonia! Sheldon Park?? The famous EOWS 612?

I do remember the EOWS 612 from YouTube videos, so yes.

redoing my introduction because god i hate my first introduction to death

aloha, i’m nthuziast, previously went by IHaveAName and formerly F0RG3 when i wanted to be a csgo pro for a few weeks
i focus more on residential smoke alarm stuff if fire-related at all

other stuff not related to fire alarms
i like music (im human) more specifically
post-punk like Green Day and MCR
older rock like Queen and Guns n’ Roses
im a guitarist for my band R3VØLUȻION
im a siren enthusiast and a railfan
i play Roblox, Counter-Strike 2, GMOD, Minecraft, etc. among other things

xyz pretend i included some other super interesting stuff here

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ADT? If it is, there is no risk to your safety, as they probably have 1000’s of Jims working for them.