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Hi there. I just noticed this now. My name is Jan I am almost 49 and I have been a member of this forum since early 2017 or it might even be late 2016 sorry about that. I have had alot of trouble logging on until yesterday so I am back and hopefully to stay this time. When I joined this forum I only had 2 alarms in my collection as of today I have almost 30 detectors and alarms most of which are squealer units. I used to be terrified of them as a child but today I love them. Funny how life works. LOL!!! I am also one of the few Canadians here!!!


Glad you’re back! If you, or anyone for that matter, ever has issues logging in please don’t hesitate to email for assistance! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks it is great to be back!! Ok will do if I have issues loggin im again.

Hello my name is Andrew and I started watching fire alarm videos since I was 10 years old. I’m still a fan of them. I’m a cadet firefighter and still love them. I’m working on setting up a system in my house

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Welcome and congrats on both setting up a system and the FF cadet! I did the fire academy a couple years back so I know very well just how difficult some of that work is. Keep at it!

Hey fellow Fire Alarm enthusiasts. I am Metrolink_YT and I have been an enthusiast since I was 8. My favorite alarms are the Wheelock NS-24-MCW and the System Sensor Spectralert P2R. You can find me on “The Siren Board” with the same name. Have a good day! :rotating_light:

Welcome everyone. My name is Brandon. I’m a rookie when it comes to fire alarms and I can’t wait to start educating myself on the different models. I run a traffic signal forum and I know various people in the signal community who are in to fire alarms. So I thought why not I hop on board as well. I’m thesignalman on YouTube.

Hi everyone, i’m Zach from an alternate universe, my name is Zack.

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Hi everyone. I’m Organham4903, but you can call me Alex.
I’ve been an enthusiast since 3rd grade, and have collected fire alarms since. I just joined the forum this month.
I’m also like music, and I play the organ, the piano, and the cello.