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I guess after about two months of being here, it’s time to introduce myself!

I’m miniman0404 from YouTube. I guess you can call me “the guy with all the GX-90’s” considering that I’ve owned 19 of them and still own 18.

I started out watching fire alarm videos in October of 2010 but didn’t get my first alarm until Christmas of that year. My collection really got going in June of 2011 when one of the schools gave me my first horn-strobe. Ever since, my collection has grown from a
re-branded BG-8 to 54 alarms!

I signed up here because the “other forum” didn’t seem to like me so they banned me. (not a story that I’d like to get into, but it was an unfair ban) Then I saw the link to this forum on NewAgeServer’s channel and signed up!

I have to say, I’m really happy here with the smaller group of members than the 600 or so that were on “it” when I left. It’s always fun to see what’s new here!

Good job! :smiley:

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I thought that it would be a nice idea to turn this into a general topic where people can talk about themselves in order to create a stronger sense of community and also so that everybody isn’t a complete stranger to each other. You can use this topic to introduce yourself, say who you are, talk about what you like, what brings you here, etc, like Miniman did in the previous post.

My name is Jared, and I am currently a high school student living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is where I have lived my entire life. My main interests include the following things:

Technology: I have been interested in all forms of technology (specifically computers) for as long as I can remember. I am a die-hard Apple fan, for anybody wondering. :lol: In addition, I have been interested in website development and web-based coding (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc.) for several years now and have created countless websites that have/still serve many different purposes.

Business/Retail: Business and retail have been an interest in mine for a while now. Nothing really “sparked” my interest in it, the business world is just something that I like to keep track of. I am also a moderator on, a forum that does just that.

Music: Since my mom is a piano teacher, I began taking piano lessons when I was barely in preschool, and I still enjoy playing the piano today. I have also been playing the trombone for around 6 years and play in my school’s concert and jazz bands with it. In addition, I play the baritone in my school’s marching band, where we have won state 5 out of the last 6 years. In case anybody’s interested, you can see a video of one of our performances here.

And, of course, Fire Alarms: I have been interested in fire alarms for around 7 years now. It started when, out of curiosity, I decided to look up videos of fire drills on YouTube, just to see what I could find. It didn’t take me long to figure out that there were people out there who collected fire alarms, and I though that it was pretty cool. In 2007, I opened my YouTube channel jjinc24, and in 2008, I acquired my first two alarms, a RSG RJSMS-1T-KL and a Wheelock NS4-24MCW. Since then, my collection has grown to around 175 devices or so (and is still growing), and I continue to make and post videos of my alarms and my system on my YouTube channel.

Those four things aren’t obviously the only things that I’m interested in; they’re just what I spend most of my free time doing. :slight_smile:

And so I guess that’s pretty much it!

I’m 23, I work for an electrical contractor. This was my first full time job, I started last year. Before that in summer I worked as a lifeguard when I was in high school and college. I’m from Iowa, me and my girlfriend have an apartment in Illinois where I work. I love baseball, I played in high school and college, I wish I was still playing. In my free time I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, I did that in high school and kept doing it ever since. I started collecting fire alarms when I was around 15.

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I’m 20 years old. I live in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I’m majoring in computer programming at CCRI on the Flanagan Campus. I plan on transferring to New England Tech sometime in the near future. I had several part time jobs but mainly go to school full time. My favorite sport is Golf. I’m recently single. I live at home with my mother, father and 2 sisters. On my spare time, I like to window shop at the mall.

Hey all!
My name is Jake, some of you might remember me as kirby636. I’ve been off and on in the hobby for about a year or two now, financial troubles had me selling my alarms (hey, what can a broke 15 y/o do?). I’m 17 right now in my 2nd last year of high school.

System: I have a very basic system right now that is going to be completely different after I plan my new one out. Right now it has 2 wheelock back boxes for N/A’s and a single gang box for a pull. Lastly, my cheapy DIY panel, one with two relays, two NACs an initiation device circuit and resettable smoke power. It contains two simple latching circuits: one for alarm and the other for silence. Both reset after pushing the reset button. It is contained in a Master Lock cash box that I got almost 5 years ago. It isn’t mounted yet and probably won’t be due to how hard it is to drill holes in that thing.

Future System: Nothing is going on the wall, I don’t want to ruin my parents’ house despite it being just the basement. I will be building a mock wall with the help of my dad which will basically be some pieces of wood to act as studs behind a sheet of plywood or something of the like. I will cut holes in it so they will be flush mounted. The panel will be re-done and will have a simple annunciator interface (3 LEDs, 3 push buttons) on a single gang cover plate. I’m going to try and have two pull locations and two notification appliances and possible a smoke detector.

Other Hobbies:

Music: I am a band geek, or at least a self proclaimed one. I play trombone in my school’s concert band as first chair, been playing for almost 5 years now. I write my own music from time to time, including a short, 3-part original composition for my Grade 11 music ISU. My plan is to get into WLU or U of T for their “Music Education” program. I want to become a music teacher.

Photography: This one is off and on as well. More I just enjoy taking pictures and I don’t have a specific field just yet. I own a Canon T1i, 15-55 lens and a 55-250 lens.

Roller Coasters: I love the engineering about these scream machines. I design my own in RCT 3 and NoLimits.

Scoreboards: This ties in with my job. Scoreboard just seem really freakin’ cool to me. My job is controlling these things at minor hockey games in my city. I plan on making my own in the coming years for fun.

Coding: Even though I’m weeks into my computer science class at my school, I absolutely love coding. I know I’m doing basic stuff as well (variable types, scanners, conditional structures, for/while loops), it’s just sooooo fun!

That’s all I have for now. Feel free to PM me if you wanna chat.

my name is nathan im 13 and i got into fire alarms from soccerdude and found newageserveralarm and really enjoyed there videos so then i got a youtube account and my first alarm was a gentex shg and first pull was a bg-12 so im working on getting a big cloction i have eight alarms now and hope to grow soon

My name is [overly-overly-protective parent censorship]. You might know me as Prog, ProgMetalMan, or the like. My Youtube channel is CODMarioWarfare. I’m an alarm enthusiast that is about to turn 15.
I also have interests in stage/concert lighting, drumming, video gaming, and game console portablizing. Why do I like expensive hobbies so much?
Anyway, this interest likely stems from a couple of childhood experiences. When I was really young, I remember being in the Westfield Trumbull, CT, mall when the alarms were going off… twice! IIRC, those were two days that were near each other, during a time of renovation. For some reason, I was quite interesting in the strobes going off. Here’s a video of the system, which I presume was there during this instance (not mine):

The mall was recently renovated again, and now there are merely red plates in the place of the EST 892-style speaker strobes. The mall now has modern, ADA-compliant ceiling-mount EST speaker strobes.
Fast forward to Kindergarten, where I was traumatized for life by our Simplex AC system, with continuous 4050 horns (based on Youtube videos and my memory of the sound, they were 120VAC) on 4050-80 light plates on march-time. In high noise areas (the cafeteria and the music room) there were bizarrely colored Wheelock 7004t’s. Next time I’m there, I’ll try to get a picture, along with a pic of the vintage master time system (which has the wrong time, and only one slave clock that I have ever seen in my seven years at the school, but is somehow tied to a more modern Simplex time system). The loud noise scared the living hell out of me. I had anxiety over it until middle school, even when the system was replaced by SmartSync TrueAlerts in 3rd grade.
The other day, I recently bought my first alarm, a Simplex 4263-1. I have no clue when it will ship though, the seller has said nothing.

My name is Samuel, I’m 17 years old and currently in my last year of high school; next year, I will be attending the University of Ottawa. At school, my favorite subjects are the ones in the field of social sciences, most of my courses this year belonging to that category. I’m francophone and therefore mainly speak French, although I learned English when I was very young. I’ve lived in Ottawa all my life and absolutely love this city.

When I was younger, I was fascinated by money and have a huge collection, mostly consisting of banknotes. I’ve pretty much lost interest in this hobby but still keep everything I’ve acquired since it’s definitely a very nice thing to own (and a good long-term investment!). My interest in fire alarms started back in 2006 but other protection systems have caught my attention since I was about six years old (mostly focused on security systems and sprinklers then). I got my first alarm devices, a Notifier pull station and Potter bell, at the beginning of 2008 from a technician who my dad knows.

Besides fire alarms, my other main interests and hobbies are photography (I mostly use a Canon T2i and bring a smaller camera everywhere I go), architecture (happens to go very well with photography) and cars (big fan of Saabkyle04’s videos on YouTube). I also love to travel, usually going down south in March and spending a few days in a U.S. city (Boston in 2012, Las Vegas in 2011) in the summer. Unlike many other members of this forum (as I’ve noticed on this thread), I have no specific interest in computers/programming or other electronic information technologies.

@El Chupacabra, is that picture from the Diefenbunker by chance? (your display pic)

It is indeed from the Diefenbunker! :smiley:

Nice! I went there 3 years ago on a 3-day school trip to Ottawa. It was very interesting! The fact that it was overcast and raining made the experience better :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi to all the new and old friends here.
Actually I found this forum just a few days before and I got many things to learn about the home and business security then I decide to join this forum for gaining my knowledge and experience, so this is my first post for introducing myself with all of you, My name is Adely michale and I am just 22 years old. so thanks for allowing me to be a part of this forum

Hi im a fire alarm inthusiast living in Texas, I also know quite a bit about outdoor warning sirens and emergency vehicle equipment

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I found this forum while searching for fire alarm information, I’ve been thinking about joining here since January and finally decided to give it a try.

Anyways, I’m Anthony C. Croyle, your everyday weather geek, I’m interested in DJ, EAS, Weather, Sirens, Fire Alarms, Planes, Trains, Synthesis, and Emergency Medical Response. I currently have a broken System Sensor SpectrAlert S1224MC in my collection of fire alarms, including the smoke alarm in my room. When I grow up, I want to get a degree in Meteorology. In my Weather Radio collection I have a RadioShack 12-382 and a Midland WR-100. I like to collect DJ Lights, I have products from Spencer’s, Chauvet, Motion, and generic brands.

Not to mention I’m 13 years old as of 11/1/12. :smiley:

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System Test SWAG

Hello everyone, I am Winston Michale and I am new here in this community.
Actually I really like to explore new things and discussion. so I think such forums are good platform for the both purposes, so I hope I’ll learn more from the senior members of this thanks in advance.

My name is Grant. I am a high school student near Denver, CO. I enjoy fire alarms (obviously), trains, history, and antiques. I like the history of fire alarms, the Bell System, and more. I have worked with fire alarms for about 6 years starting with a wheelock NS (which promptly died lol) and my collection evolved into what it is today. My favorite alarm is the 2901-9833. I have experience with electronics and model railroading. If you have seen my youtube videos, you will see that I live in the mountains, which allows me to make plenty o’ noise :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!

I’m Collin. I was an active member a long time ago on this forum so I’m hoping some people may still remember me. I forgot my old username and password it’s been so long. But I’m trying to get back in the fire alarm community! I’m currently a college sophomore studying architectural engineering and hope to get involved in the building industry when I’m done (perhaps even working on fire alarm system design!) So yeah! That’s about everything about me!

Welcome back, Collin! I think that I may remember you from a couple of years back…

Welcome colin,Glad you came back!!!