IPGSM-4G dialer with intermittent comm failure

My company has installed a few IPGSM-4G dialers in a group of buildings. Intermittently we are getting comm failure troubles. Enough that the property management wants answers. The 3G/4G reception is full bars. The 2G reception is showing that we are only connecting to a single tower. I myself do not have much experience with these cellular dialers. I saw that there was some issues in the past with firmware causing comm failures that required a power cycle of the dialer. This doesnt seem to be the case as the dialer eventually works again on its on without need for a power cycle. I was wondering if the 2G part of the dialer path, being that it only connects to one tower in that area could be the cause? Tech support told me its possible, but wasn’t very forthcoming with information. The issues come and go, maybe once every two weeks for each dialer in the complex. Any help would be appreciated, or if anyone could point me in the right direction. Internet seems sparse with info on these dialers.

i’ve been told 2g is shutting down completely this month, problem might go away. you might try upping the test interval if it’s set really low.

this seems to have popped up on other cellular dialers as well, so its not just the one you’re dealing with.

Yeah, we have two dialers in the same complex that are Telguard dialers, and they have had occasional issues as well. The dialers transmit fine, they default to 4G transmission, and use 2G as a backup, but I was wondering if the issue could be that the dialer was trying to test over the 2G, and if there is a way on these dialers to disable 2G transmission completely. The guy who is paying the bill for us to come out isnt so happy about repeated service calls to fix an issue that is gone when we get there. Especially when these dialers were installed because the phone lines in that area were very unreliable.