IRC chat

what happened to the chat room??

It has been removed a long time ago. It will not be coming back any time soon.

Thanks for inquiring about it, tho!

On one of Ryan’s post, you like raged…

I deleted all the posts where you guys began to argue.

lilrags, Turns out you posted it in the wrong topic so as you can see I went ahead and moved it to this one for you.

Is there anyway we can get the IRC backs soon?

It has been removed, and it will most likely never come back.



I put a stop to all IRC chat rooms after seeing that nobody was using it and also hearing about problems with predators logging on at night. Considering this forum has some pretty young users I did not want anyone to get hurt somehow.

Also I had to remove it two more times after it got put back multiple times by one of the members of the system maintenance team, who had thought it was going down and restored it for me. Clearly did not get the message that I wanted it gone.

Ok then… was nice when we had it.