Is "crap" a swear word?

I heard some people say that it is. I don’t believe that it is. It is often used as a euphemism for the sh word.

I consider it a “low-level” swear. It’s not the politest word to use.


I generally do not consider it to be a swear. It really depends on one’s personal level of what constitutes a swear and what doesn’t. With the way my family and I talk most of the time, we consider a lot worse than that to be swear worthy.

The fact that this…


Does not happen… I really do not consider it one. Still shows poor taste to use it though.

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My parents always said it was a bad word, so I grew up not saying it but now they say it all the time, and worse, and im basicly teh only one in my house who dosent use it, or cuss at all for that matter :?

The “c-word” is probably a mild swear, although it wouldn’t be very appropriate to use in a public place with high usage, especially inside a school, where the faculty can take that and similar words sometimes very seriously, depending on the circumstances.

Nobody at any of the schools I went to would bat an eye lash at the use of that word.

Yeah, that is typically true. I have however seen some oddballs at schools who were against use of such. Not that it ever happened to me personally.

You are calling other people oddballs?

I’ve heard the word “Crap” spoken quite a bit on “Hey Arnold” and “Ren & Stimpy,” and many 1990s-present Cartoon Network shows (such as “Dexter’s Laboratory”), and for the most part it is left intact, and the Nickelodeon shows mentioned aren’t even allowed to use words like “damn” or “hell” (though a few slipped by the sensors; “Rocko’s Modern Life” once had an “Elevator to Hell” sign in plain view, then “Hey Arnold” had a Jackass-brand Hot Sauce.)

None of those words are really a big deal. I don’t see why a TV show has to worry about “minor swears”. I’m sure if the dreaded “C word” were to show up on Hey Arnold there would be all sorts of crap hitting the fan.

when i realized that all my teachers use “crap” all the time both in high school and college, and worse words also, yes, i’ve had a college prof say the f word… anyhow, i used to be really against it, but now i don’t think its a really big deal. still have to be careful around my parents b/c my mom would have a coniption if i used that word. (she was raised in a very conservative home in the late 60’s…)

I don’t think it is a swear. I happen to swear a lot and I try to use that word in place of a swear at school and other places where swearing is not appropriate. Me and my friends try not to swear around older people but sometimes a swear slips out, when a swear slips out sometimes I say “oh crap, we should watch our language”.

I only consider it a “swear” if you call someone that

I don’t think its a swear although some songs on children’s albums or radio stations do edit it.

I agree with U-MMTeen. It’s not a nice word, but I don’t consider it to be a bad word. My family and I use it, although my mom doesn’t usually use it. It’s not okay for children to say it, in my mind. It was frowned upon in high school, but teachers would usually just say something to you. I’ve never really heard it in college classrooms. My friends don’t have a problem with it though.

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