Is the Edwards brand being retired?

Hi all,
I recently noticed several of Edwards’ fire initiating devices have been rebranded under the Kidde name. I am wondering why this is, and/or if the Edwards name and brand is being retired in favor of Kidde.

I don’t THINK so, Edwards & Kidde are now both part of Carrier Global & Kidde might just be rebranding Edwards’ products. I don’t think Carrier Global would want to get rid of such a respected name like Edwards anyway.

I mainly asked this question because I noticed that on Edwards Signaling’s website, at links such as, the pull station listings have been updated to show Kidde branding as opposed to EST branding.

Who knows why they’re doing that, though I do hope Edwards isn’t going anywhere.

It’s very possible that they are retiring the branding. Kidde is a large distributor of fire safety equipment like fire extinguishers and their well-known smoke alarms. They’ve rebranded and distributed EST’s products before, like the Genesis, and they’re doing it with the EG1 series as well. When I got the first EG1AVRF, it came in a Kidde box. I haven’t seen any of the EG1 devices in EST or Edwards boxes, so I’m convinced it’s likely they’re retiring the branding in order to get more sales.

I hope not, I don’t know why they would honestly given it’s worked as a brand name for decades now, & in that time it’s become quite well-respected. Same for EST. (Kidde’s really only well-known in the residential market anyway)

Like I said, I haven’t seen any of their new appliances in one of their own boxes. All the EG1 and EG4 series alarms that I have seen have come in Kidde packages. Personally, I think this may be the best option for them. Businesses turn to Kidde for installation packages and appliances like smoke alarms and fire extinguishers for their buildings. Given that the other products on their website now have Kidde stickers, it’s very possible, but I haven’t seen any confirmation yet.

Carrier seems to be marketing the Kidde brand for smaller installs. They seem to have discontinued the Vigilant branding that GE Security started back in the mid-2000s. All the Vigilant panels (VS- and VM-) and the FireShield conventional systems are now branded Kidde.

I personally don’t think the Edwards name is going away. It’s far too recognizable and respected in the industry. All of the larger systems (iO64–EST4) are definitely Edwards. The new EST4 panels and annunciators at my student teaching site all have very clear Edwards branding on the cabinets.

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Well that’s a relief if it’s true/correct.

I don’t think the Edward’s branding is going away anytime soon. But I feel that the EST branding is being used less though.