Is the strobe in this computer lab ADA compliant?

It’s partly clear and partly translucent. I would think a strobe needs to be completely clear to be ADA compliant. It’s that right?

Strange that, that computer lab has modern looking computers with an old looking TV on the wall. However, perhaps that TV is not actually used and just there for show. After all, how often would you use a TV in a computer lab?

That’s an old weatherproof Wheelock strobe, intended for outdoor applications, it’s odd that it was installed indoors. It was designed before the ADA, but since it’s 117 candela it might meet the photometric requirements of the ADA.

Actually, strobes can be translucent, as long as they’re white. The real question is whether the “FIRE” markings are allowed on the lens.

In many schools, especially high schools, the TVs are there because the video production class does the school announcements over them. At least that’s what they did in my school until last year when the teachers would just pull them up on their computers and the TVs were disconnected.

That’s actually an indoor model, not the weatherproof model. I believe the weatherproof devices have the WH or WP suffix/prefix depending on the model, I’ve seen tons of these inside buildings before, and I believe they might be weatherproof provided you the Wheelock weatherproof gasket and weatherproof backbox installed on it though.

Yeah, but this computer lab is in an elementary school. In elementary school the students don’t go to computer class first thing in the morning. I think it might be a TV that is no longer in use and now just there for show considering the fact that it’s a pretty old looking TV.

You don’t know WHAT elementary schools have their students do early in the morning so it is indeed possible that they have computer classes early in the morning for some students.

Also as for the classroom looking old but the technology looking new: that tends to be par for the course in older schools. Usually the equipment will be updated when the school isn’t. It was the same for my elementary school until this year when they start renovations.

I wasn’t saying that the classroom looked old. I was saying that the TV looks like an old TV. That’s why I think maybe it’s not used anymore.

I know when I was in elementary school students always went to their main class first. They didn’t go straight to computer class, music class etc. first thing in the morning. Maybe it’s different at some elementary schools or nowadays, I don’t know.

The television could go towards being in the room and not used as technology so you could be right about that and it isn’t being used and just is there because it is a part of the classroom. It would then go towards not being a piece of equipment that was needed to be upgraded.

It is possible that they were in their main class first and then went to an itinerant class after they were in the class before the inauguration had started and when it did they were there now. I didn’t watch it but if it came on like at 9 or 10, then it is plausible.

Yes and no. Yes, in that it is modern enough to probably be in the 15-110 candela range. The no is that these early ADA Wheelock strobes are not capable of synchronization, as is currently required by ADA and UL. I’ve encountered a number of these on jobs, they flash really fast, up to three times a second. If we want to have synchronization we usually have to replace them all. It seems that when Wheelock moved to the horizontal strobe is also when they started offering synchronization.

Edit: as a side note, I remember seeing these last time I was in Denver International Airport, which was built around 1991. I think they are the version that came before the LSM strobe, but after the fully translucent strobes that are not ADA. I would not enjoy being in that airport during an emergency with all those out-of-sync strobes.

That airport has TrueAlertES and Exceder Alert strobes now, but some of the old Wheelock’s are still in service. I was there earlier this month.

The WM strobe which is the type here actually doesn’t flash that fast if I recall correctly. They are the version that came before the LSM series, and the LSM series flashes fast, but these don’t.

It would be a disco, like in this video… (skip to 0:51)


…but with a really obnoxious Wheelock horn sound.

Actually if you’ve seen this video:


That’s more like it, even worse than the Wheelock ones.

For a disco, try this one: