Issues with programming a EST Quickstart

Hello! So I am trying to program my EST Quickstart panel with a PROGCABLE-1 serial cable from my panel to my computer with the Quickstart software but it doesn’t want to work. I made sure the three wires (white, red, and black) are in the right terminals (TX, RX, and COM) but the data does not want to retrieve or send. What could be wrong? My panel also gets a ground fault when I connect the cable to my computer. Could it be something with the COM port or something else? Any help would be excellent to get my panel programmed! Thanks in advance!

I usually get ground faults whenever I plug other stuff into the panel, that’s ok as long as it goes away when you unplug it. As for communication, do you have all the drivers for the USB cable? Also are you sure that the Rx and Tx are in the proper order? Sometimes they need to be swapped.

That helped (it was the drivers), thanks a lot!