"it's my money and I need it now"

Anyone here annoyed by this commercial? I find it extremely annoying.

Commercials in general are annoying…


But yes, that commercial and all the other money scamming crap on TV is getting really old really fast. That and all the “buy gold” commercials.

Amen, I cant believe people who wouldsend thir gold, silver, ect in a freaking paper envalope that says BUT GOLD DIRECT in pig print all over it, I mean, most people are trustworthy, but it only takes one postal employe to take your gold. And whos to say that teh company wouldnet just take it and say they never got it. Or when you find out the increadably low price they offer for it and you request it back, “Opps, we allready melted it down” or"We sent it back, but it must of gotten lost in teh mail" or send you something that isnt yors and is a lot lss valuable then what you sent in.

Im sure their trustworthy, but hey, you never know till you try it, which I dont wanna do.

My annoying ones are those scammy lawyers trying to make money of of things like Mesothelioma, medications, and that crap. And the above.