It's that time of the year again, the cert issues are back.

Just a quick heads-up for the admins, the certificate seem to have expired again.

If one of the higher-ups is passing there by any hazard…

Looks like they fixed it now since I only had problems once so they must be fixing it faster. =D

Anyway, you said it happens this time of year. Does it really annual around this time? LOL

Odd, still having issues on my end…

Maybe it just takes a little more time to resolve for some than others.

Well I dunno, it happens once or maybe twice each year, I have no idea why :stuck_out_tongue:

Seesh, it seems that it literally knackered the images (attachments, user avatars, and maybe more) as well. :neutral_face:

I’ll try logging out and relogging in.

It just expired on January 25. This issue won’t truly go away until the security certificate gets renewed.

Personally, I’d recommend that whoever is responsible for renewing the security certificate should mark their calendars so that we don’t have to run into this issue every three months or so.

One time I’ve made a topic letting people know that the certificate was about to expire (just days before it expired IIRC), and, surely enough, it was renewed almost immediately. Hence why I made the above recommendation.

The only issue I ever really have when the security of the site goes down is a pop-up that I just make go away and that’s it. It never ends up corrupting anything like Alexis says it does for him. I guess I am just lucky. :expressionless:

I get a warning in Firefox but it allows me to create an exception. I do that and move on. I have good antivirus which will catch stuff that could cause harm.

Unfortunately Chrome keeps throwing a error message, and it doesn’t allow me to make a exception (well it does allow me to, but immediately again it asks me again if I want to make a exception).

On the bright side, the images are back on my end, :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll just keep disregarding the error message, though it does pop up right when I hit “submit”.

I still have no problems which is weird because I only had them the once and then once I made the exception it completely went away but in the past the exception expired whenever I left the website. Strange.

Yeah it’s just because on how idiosyncratic Chrome is. Even non-HTTPS websites get slammed with all sorts of fear-mongering warnings.

At this point I’m worried that the website will eventually go dark, these days it feels like that it is being abandoned. There is simply too much potentially-invaluable information that might be (or is already!) at risk of being lost.

I still remember these two other sites that died down, DavidsonFireAlarms and Fire Ala-R-me (dunno how this one’s exact name was written, I know it ended by “.me”, probably because said website’s name was a pun on “fire alarm”). And unfortunately I don’t think there exists an archive of these two. The former was dying already when I somehow stumbled upon it, but the latter went “poof!” one day without warning.

And even Andrew’s website seem to have been lost, I still remember strolling through it back before I registered here.

And maybe the wiki, if there ever existed one here, or is it my imagination going haywire again.

Maybe I’m overreacting or being straight up paranoid, but since day one that I registered here, I always was and still am to this day, dreading the day that this forum will meet its demise.

Trust me you aren’t paranoid so don’t think that. I am worried about the same thing. Nobody seems to be active here anymore. It looks like people have fallen out of the hobby. At least that is what some people who were members here have said. The last time we had a mod here before Retired STR-SG posted 2 days ago was November 21st. I don’t know why Ben Schumin gave up the forum but I know that NewAgeServerAlarm has said on YouTube he was falling out of the hobby. That could be one reason why everything is slowing down.

Yeah that’s what is worrying me… Myself I still have an interest, although it has slowed down on my side as well (due to recent real life issues which would be hard to explain, among others). But once I’ll get a panel, I’ll try my best to keep up.

I’ll stay here until the very end of these forums, that’s for sure, I don’t know if the forums will change hands again or whatnot.

I am hoping that it will but we also need to dig deep to find new members.

Unfortunately, that’s very true. Seems like that FA enthusiasm is slowly dying and fading, heck, even the French FA enthusiast community is dead as a doornail (long story, maybe for another day).

Not much left, I do hope that this community will spring back to life eventually one day, as goes the saying, l’espoir fait vivre.

I really want that also but as of right now it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon.