JCPenney and fire alarms.

What kind of fire alarms does your local JCPenney have? The one in my area has white ceiling-mount spectralerts.

South Portland Maine Mall: SpectrAlerts and a BG-12; Bosch system. Tied into the mall’s main Notifier system.

Auburn Mall: There were two systems. One is gone… unnecessary upgrade!
Old: (xxxx - 2010) Cerberus Pyrotronics MXL panel, U-MMTs, a random SpectrAlert. MS-51 in the entryway.
New: (2010-present) Bosch system, BG-12L, SpectrAlert Advances. I have no idea why this was done.
Also the mall’s system is an MXL with U-MMTs and MS-51 pulls.

Previously it had nothing, just sprinklers. The mall it’s a part of is undergoing a transformation into a part indoor, part strip mall. JCPenney was turned into a department store of its own seperate from the mall and in the process, they got an addressable ADT system with ceiling-mount SpectrAlert Advances with wall-mount ones in the dressing rooms (must be loud in there). There’s no smokes with this system.

Maybe the MXL panel broke down, and they were fed up with Cerberus/Siemens’s products and services, so they decided to switch to another company? They did that with the middle school near my house; they had a Simplex 4100U voice-evac system, but the panel broke, and they did not like SimplexGrinnell’s services, so they replaced it with a Notifier NFS2-640 voice-evacuation system (amazingly they got the TrueAlert speaker/strobes to work on it, but everything else was replaced.)

Anyways, we don’t have a J.C. Penny’s in my city, but the one at the Silver City Galleria Mall I think originally had some old Fire-Lite system with Wheelock C7001T horn/strobes and System Sensor “doorknob” ion smoke detectors, and maybe BG-10 pulls. But now they have ceiling-mount SpectrAlert Advance horn/strobes, newer System Sensor smoke detectors, and an ADT BG-12 pull. Amazingly, the old alarms and detectors are still intact but disconnected! You’d think they could’ve just removed them and put the new stuff in their place…
It is a separate system from the mall’s main Simplex system (either a large 4002 or a 4100, it’s an early 1990s system with conventional pulls and smokes.)

here we go…
cool springs galleria franklin, tn: originally fire-lite bg-10’s and a faraday horn/strobe. when the mall was remodeled, they took all that out. now its simply ceiling mount spectr alerts (i’m assuming speaker/strobes) that i believe are tied in to the mall’s main system.
all the other jcpennys in my area didn’t originally have systems, but now have various versions of bg series and spectr alerts.

couple random ones…
-one at a mall in peoria, il simply had a single annunciator panel, nothing else, nada.
-one at a mall in cleveland, tn only had a single edwards spo, nothing else, nada.