Just 3 questions about EST

I have three questions on EST.

  1. What year was the EST QuickStart discontinued?

  2. What year was the IO series released?

  3. What year was the EST3 released?

Could someone please answer these for me?

According to what I have found the answers to your questions are these (I cannot say with 100% certainty that these are correct however):
#1: 2016
#2: 2009 for the iO64 & iO500, not sure about the iO1000
#3: 1996

I actually have a question. ( it is not about est) what year did gamewell release the century pull stations ?

I’ve seen you ask that question on another topic, sadly I do not have the answer to it. Maybe someone else does though.

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Also, do you know when the EST QuickStart was released, and what year the EST2 was released and discontinued?

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The QuickStart was released sometime around 2002 or 2003

Once again, I cannot confirm that these dates are correct, but this is all I’ve been able to find:
#1: 2001
#2: 1995-2012

Oh! I thought that the EST QuickStart was released in ‘02

Also, what’s the difference between the EST 3-SSDC2 and the EST 3-SSDC1?

I believe thest 3 cam out in 1996