Just found out that my towns police department had crown vics!

I went on google street view to check out the police department before they remodeled it and i saw in a parking lot behind it not 1 but 7 CROWN VICS
and that was the first time i had ever seen them
not sure if my sheriffs department has them though

Im not very familiar with the rules but i found some pictures of them

These were the classic enforcement vehicles most common back in the 80s and 90s before the Ford Explorer took over in the previous decade. They didn’t have much room but it was able to achieve high speeds if needed.

My local Police Department still runs vics as spares, they are buying FPIU’s now.

My counties sheriff’s office phased the last of them out in 2015, along with the older Durango’s, they are buying Silverado’s, Tahoe’s, FPIU’s, and F-150 SSV’s now.

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Vics were made up until 06 iirc. All of those were the 1998+ models. I think there’s still at least one Vic near me in service. Edit: the first one is early for that generation and the rest are later for the generation. Edit 2: they were discontinued in 2011.