Just saw a listing for a Jameson Code One 1986 Smoke Alarm

So, I was browsing ebay to see if any old smoke alarms popped up for sale, I found this. Not sure of the model number though. https://www.ebay.com/itm/VTG-Jameson-Code-One-Smoke-Alarm-1986-Sealed/284096921869?hash=item42257f010d:g:zcYAAOSwmX9fwoWm I have seen more listings of Old Smoke Alarms. I will post them soon.

Just found out the model number of said smoke alarm. It’s a CD-M1.

That’s amazing that it’s in such good condition after 34 years.

I just saw this as a suggested listing, quite an interesting product!

Yeah, I’m getting a 0918, 0914, and a ADC in the mail soon :smiley: