Just wondering if anybody has ever seen this setup

Somewhere on the forum, I thought I read a post about a system that had Simplex -9838 horns tied together with Wheelock 7002T horns but I can’t find the post anywhere so I’m wondering if I imagined it.

That being said, I’m asking if anybody out there has ever seen a system that had both Simplex electromechanical alarms and Wheelock electromechanical alarms in person?

7001 and 2901 horns

Is that what you saw in person or is that what the post said? :?:

In person at a office that is no more :?

Simplex 4901-9805s, Simplex 2901-9833s, Wheelock 34-24s, and Wheelock 34Ts.

Where did you see that combination FireAlarmInc?

The Westminster Mall before it was closed. It had a very different setup. LOL I accidentally walked in to the mechanical room and it had a 2120.

I remember seeing pictures of a system with 4903-9101+9838’s and 7001T’s somewhere, but can’t find it. Maybe one of Wiley’s posts?

It was one of Wiley’s posts! It was the Silver City Galleria in Taunton, MA (I’ve been there in person). It had the 9838s in the main mall and 7001Ts in Sears, I believe.

Relating to the OP, mixing the two brands seems reasonable because the anchor stores could have been built at a different time.

What about like in a school? One horn breaks down and you replace it with the other rand (Simplex to Wheelock horn or Wheelock to Simplex horn?)

I have seen Honeywell to Simplex to System Sensor(Technically Honeywell, but electronic).

I will get photos this Fall, :wink:

If both devices are listed for use with whatever NAC panel you’re using, you can mix horns on the same circuit with no problems. You just want to avoid mixing different brands of strobes on the same circuit because they won’t sync. However, you can have different brands in different areas of the same building with zero issues as long as they are on their own circuits with a sync module off of a NAC panel, or are using different NAC panels.

For example, in the scenario above the Sears store may have it’s own dedicated NAC panel so the A/V’s used could be different from the rest of the building with zero issues.

I’ve seen Edwards 892’s with a mix of Gamewell Century pull stations, a Fire-Lite BG-12, and a Silent Knight rebranded SigCom pull station. This was at a group home.

You can mix conventional pull stations all day long.

I was in a postal office by me and they had a simplex 4208 system. They had NO signals or pulls in the area but they had simplex 4251-20s in the back in the area with wheelock 34-24 horns with Simplex 4051s.