KIDDE AEGIS Supression panel trouble pr1


I am having an issue with the above listed panel that is showing a “PR1” as a trouble on the readout. I am actually off today and the panel is 130 miles from me!! I am trying to talk them through it over the phone but can’t seem to find a manual with the trouble codes listed in them. Of course I have a manual at the office but as i said, I am off today and am trying to not have to go in!

The panel model number is C73FE1 again it is a KIDDE AEGIS suppression panel, which if you remove the solenoid and the tank is just a fire alarm panel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did find a manual online, but not the correct one, all it had was numbered trouble codes.

Thanks again in advance, have a great day.

I am not familiar with this panel, did look it up and appears to also be a Fenwal 732 panel or closely related. With this being a suppression panel, you may not want to have just anyone start fooling around in it. If they mess with the wrong wire or accidentally hit the wrong switch, they could dump your suppression bottle and cost you a lot of money. I would just have them acknowledge the trouble sounder to shut off the beeping noise until you can make it back there or call your alarm company and have a technician come out and deal with it. But in any case, the “PR1” trouble code must be specific to this type of panel because it doesn’t make any sense as an standard trouble condition - something like “NAC1” trouble or “ZN1” would make sense, one being a trouble on the notification circuit, the other being a trouble on Zone 1. About the only thing that I could think of is PR1 might mean “Primary” as in the primary phone line trouble, but usually suppression panels don’t have a built in dialer. Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner, was working all day, hopefully you’ve got it figured out by now!

Page 69 says 001=ground. However I am not a tech so please don’t take my word for this till N.A.S.A. Or Lambda verify a this.

My only guess would be PR stands for Primary Release.

Perhaps a suppressor has gone bad?


That could be it too. Some of these manufacturers come up with some pretty strange ways of describing very basic functions. There could be a pressure switch on a tank to detect a loss of pressure, or a problem with the solenoid circuit. Although why they just don’t label it “tank pressure” or “releasing solenoid” to make life easier for the end user is beyond me.

Problem solved

After talking with the maintenance person at the location, i found out the code that was being thrown was ARC1 which is releasing circuit 1. That was the trouble being thrown to the panel due to their own maint. system being tied to the machine through our panel. When the hood for the machine didn’t complete it’s cycle, it sent the panel into trouble, at the same time it somehow blew their fuses for the hood?!? :? Weird!

They replaced the fuses, reset the hood and the panel cleared, system normal.

As far as them troubleshooting the panel, or anyone else for that matter, the first thing we always do and tell the maint. personnel to do first and foremost, REMOVE THE SOLENOID FROM THE TANK! Fortunately if they do have an accidental dump, we are set-up to re-fill the tank as well as inspect, repair, and hydro-test all bottles.

Thanks so much for the input from you guys and look forward to talking with you guys again in the future.

Glad you were able to figure it out!