Kidde Manuals

Does anyone have any old manuals for Kidde panels? Preferrably for a Kac-200 or even better would be a manual for the old version of the Gemini???

I had no idea that they manufactured FACPs, I have some for some old Kidde fire extinguishers…

They do! I have the original verison of the Gemini . They are rare to find these days because the were mostly used with Halon Supprresion systems (they do fire alarms and suppression). I have all the devices that were used with it when it was installed in a telecommunications room with HALON 1301. But, unfortunately, the manuals were not given to the owners. Kidde said they don’t have a manual, which I think is a load of crap. They told me to contact a Kidde distributor, I found one place that had one but they wanted $50 plus shipping for it. I can’t find one anywhere else.

NICE, when you say that you got all of the devices on he system, did you by any chance happen to get a bottle/tank/whateveryoucallit of Halon 1301 as well?

Absolutely not. I guess I shouldn’t say ALL. I have
7x Fenwal CPD-7021 Ionization detectors And bases
2x Kidde ‘HALON REALESE’ Pull stations
1x Walter-Kidde ‘PUSH/HOLD, HALON SYSTEM ABORT’ station
3x Kidde HALON strobes, on Federal 450D vibratone horns (the strobes are Federal vibratone strobes re-labeled by walter-kidde)
1x Walter-Kidde Halon “Dump” Pressure supervisory switch.

The Halon went off to the government for recycling (I think). The rest of the devices( electric realeasing valves, nozzles, backboxes) and all that other stuff is being re-used with the Potter FM-200 system that the system was replaced with.

The only Kidde manuals I have as far as FA related devices are for the CPD-1201 Ion detector I have. Otherwise the rest are for their resi smoke alarms.