Kidde Scorpio FACP

Hi all,
I was shopping on eBay for a new panel and I came across a Kidde Scorpio. Is this an okay panel to buy? I cannot insert a picture for some reason but instead of it having suppression lights, it only had alarm, silence, power, trouble, and supervisory

Yes. I have researched the Fenwal branded version of that panel (2320) and it is very well suited for hobby use. The version without all of the suppression indicators still has suppression system capability.

I know that I am bumping this topic but I have something to ask about it before I buy one myself. So I found the model without the suppression lights. Also, how would and can I code this panel with a sync module like an MDL? Because first alarm is pulse and second alarm is continuous. Finally, are the NACs and IDCs compatible with all devices?

I hope that you guys understand why I bumped this topic because I want to make sure I know how to work it.

It still acts as a suppression panel, even without the suppression indicators. You probably won’t be able to use a sync module due to the coded outputs, especially because the coding changes due to the changing system status (general alarm, pre discharge, system fired, etc).

The panel is pretty simple so you should be able to use most devices on the IDC and NAC circuits.

The kidde scorpio works as a regular 1 zone, 24V panel if you set dip switch 1-1 to ON.
I used to own a scorpio. It does not code the NAC’s.

I found the Scorpio installation manual on line. I put it on Dropbox. Here is the link.

I apologize for the misinformation. Apparently some features do not carry over from the Fenwal version.

Okay so here is what I was thinking. I would set the panel so that there is no predischarge with the pulsing coding. I would set it so that it would be instant discharge which would set the NAC on continuous. If I were to put the continuous coding into an MDL and coded the MDL would it work?

Dude… just save up the money and buy a decent panel from eBay.

I really don’t see a problem with him purchasing this panel. It would work out well for hobby use because of its simplicity, plus it’s cool because its a suppression control unit.

What evidence do you have of any indication this panel is crap?

And this is. An example of brand bashing. Plus I don’t have too much money to spend on an FACP
Anyway, would this method work?

Don’t think Ryan was necessarily hating on the brand or the specific panel, but instead the idea of trying to use a suppression panel as a “normal” control panel.

I don’t know if you’re referencing this listing on eBay or not, but if you are, the item is untested and listed as for parts or not working, so there could be a significant chance that there is something wrong with it, and if there is, you’re out of luck.

IMO you may want to wait until you have more money and a more promising offer comes along instead of jumping the gun and wasting money on a product that doesn’t function completely as you’d like it to or is just broken altogether.

Edit: Think I found the listing your were referencing, so disregard that part of my post.

Even though the OP is permanently banned, I wasn’t intending my original post to be “brand bashing”. It was so the OP would save their money and buy a product that’s designed to the required task at hand.