Kidde/Thorn Datasheets

I found a bunch of old datasheets at work today for some products from Thorn and Kidde.

I also discovered that Thorn bought both Kidde and Autocall in the late 80s and Grinnell bought Thorn, then Simplex and Grinnell merged when Tyco bought both around 2000-2001.

Thorn FireQuest 200 FACP

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … st_200.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>

Kidde B-5 pull stations

Thorn-branded Wheelock electromechanical signals

The red lines are because these sheets were removed from an old fire alarm submittal package and someone was trying to mark what the customer was going to be getting. I tried to edit them out as much as I can.

Also note on Page 2 it makes reference to a “36” model horn instead of the standard “34”. I wonder what is different about it…

Thorn-branded System Sensor 2400 series

The date of these datasheets is 1989… The 2400 series has been around for a long time.

Thorn-branded Edwards 281 and Theromtech 302 heat detectors


Nice find! Looks like the only difference with the 36T is slightly less current draw and volume.

Nice find, Andrew! Thanks for scanning them in.

That reminds me- do you have any information on the Kidde KDR-1000 fire alarm panel (ca. 80s)? It’s a “mystery panel” I’ve been trying to identify / learn about, ever since I first became interested in alarms!

Our company installed a lot of them in the '80s. If I look hard enough I might be able to find a datasheet on one from an old file from one of the buildings…

Wow, thanks! 8)

I recall someone on DFA mentioning that the Kidde KDR-1000 was very similar to the Simplex 2001. If Kidde and Autocall were both owned by Thorn in the '80s, could it be possible that the KDR-1000 was a rebranded Autocall MDK, which looks almost identical to a 2001?

This is what an MDK looks like (I believe it is an MDK but I’m not 100% sure):


There is currently an eBay auction for an MDK’s main control and zone cards. The pictures there give a closer look at that panel and really show how similar it is to a 2001.

I’ve seen those MDK panels in person before, they are a dead knock-off of the Simplex 2001. Or is the Simplex 2001 a dead knock-off of the MDK? Depends on who came first.

I’m starting to second guess myself.

The “mystery panel” I’m trying to identify looks a bit like the 2001, but not to the MDK’s extreme.

This is one of Destin’s catalogs. Look at the top-right corner; there is a Kidde panel. Now, I always though this was the KDR 1000 panel. Since it isn’t, does anyone know what panel this is? Andrew, have you seen any of these installed before?

Sorry I’m asking so much. This has been bugging me, ever since I’ve taken notice of fire alarm installations. Also, should this be in a different topic?

The panel in that catalog is indeed a KDR-1000. Below is a pic of one close-up.

The Autocall MDK was in the MD-series of modular panels which came out in 1982 after the Simplex 2001. Autocall wasn’t acquired by Thorn until 1990.