Kim Jong-Il is Dead

So, yet another frightening dictator is out of the world’s hair, and it leaves the rest to wonder how his successor, Kim Jong-Un, will reshape North Korea…

Christ… what does it feel like to be 50 at the age of 12?

Oh and by the way… No one in the world thinks he is going to reshape the country…

Everyone worries what this maniac will do to destroy more lives and harm people of other countries.

When you want to pretend to be mature and informed at least understand the entire story.

We should but a bullet in his head like… right now.

Why should we put a bullet in his head? To give them a reason to blow us up?

They have WMD’s. If we assasinated their new leader, or even sent our military to their country, we would be attacked.

I was not being literal lol

But based off what we know this guy will do no one any good.

While it’s good to see that this bastard is gone, it’s almost even more frightening to think about how terrible his son is going to be. Think about it, as f*cked in the head as the “dear leader” was, he at least had experience (and I use that term loosely) running a country over several years, while his son…well, you get where I’m going with this.