Knock-off alarms on eBay or Amazon

I found this alarm while browsing through eBay

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Yeah, Amazon & Ebay both have plenty of listings for knockoff alarms, with most of them being based off the SpectrAlert Classic. That one however appears to be the same as an alarm made by a Chinese company named “Light Engine” that apparently never made it to production (according to another topic Light Engine was seemingly planning to enter the North American fire alarm market with their own line of LED notification appliances some years back, from what I can tell however that never went anywhere).

Yeah I found that alarm while looking at horn strobes on eBay, and along with that alarm I also found some listings for some fake spectralert classics too

Well that’s an unfortunate choice of words for the listing!


Yeah I don’t know why they put the word ‘’cum’’ in the listing , I don’t know what it means, that is one of the reasons I posted this listing,

I don’t know why they put that in the title & picture either (unless it’s a translation error), though you might not want to know what it means…

Your probably right, they probably had a rough time translating the words in the listing from Chinese to English

I don’t know for sure if that listing was made by someone in China or not, especially since the seller’s location is said to be the US.

It would be pretty cool if someone bought one of those alarms and tested it

I probably would if I had money to burn.

Maybe nic from nic’s systems and electric can durability test it

Instead of a typical horn, it just moans.

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Hahaha yeah it probably does

The New “Moan Strobe”!! Coming to fire alarm distributors near you!

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You can use the’’ moan strobe’’ with your uphote bg-12

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All jokes aside, they somehow got Latin in the translation. Since the listing picture says “horn cum strobe”, and cum (pronounced “coom”) is Latin for with, you get a poorly translated horn strobe

Oh that is what that means, I thought that word was mistakenly put in the listing

I found a Tork TA270 that looks like a BG1 or so lol

Yea I think the ta270 pull station is just a rebranded bg-1

Lol if it actually did, no one would take it seriously.