Lahar Emergency Warning System

As you see under my avatar, i live in Milton, Washington. Milton is on one of several hills that surround the Puyallup river valley, nearby is the vigorous Mount Rainier. As you know, Mount Rainier is covered in 26 Glaciers, any eruption or slide of any kind will cause an immediate collapse of the glacial ice, the heat/friction of the ice falling down the mountainsides will cause the ice to melt, mix with dirt, and form a mudflow, also called a pyroclastic flow (if mixed with volcanic pyroclasts) or “Lahar”.

Anyways, the entire Puyallup river valley is equipped with a capable warning system comprised of 2 Federal Signal 2001 SRNB’s, 4 Whelen Public Services 3016’s, 17 or-so Federal Signal Modulators (varying in size), and a 1940’s Federal Electric Coded Model 5A (terrible bearings). The system is tested every first Monday of every month at 12:00 PM, the sirens sound a 3 minute attack signal but are never silent tested. The modulators used to be tested using the Westminster Chimes signal. Before 2009, there used to be 8 Whelen Public Services 3016’s, 2 Federal Signal 2001 SRNB’s, a 1960’s Federal Signal 2T22B, a 1950(?)'s Federal Signal Model 2, and the Fedelcode. Maybe a few older modulators in the mix.

As of right now, there are 1-2 WPS 3016’s active, an SRN*B active, the Fedelcode, and the 17 or-so Modulators. Here are a few video links:

Ambience Recording #1

Federal Electric Coded Model 5A

Federal Signal Modulator 1004

Whelen Public Services 3016

Ambience Recording #2

Federal Signal 2001 SRN*B

Ambience Recording #3

PS. I apologize in advance if I took up a lot of space.