Light plates question

I just got a Simplex 2903-9001 light plate in the mail, & I have to ask: can incandescent light plates be used with most panels without anything getting damaged? I came across a topic the other day that talks a little bit about how certain types of light plates can damage panels. The panel I hope to use it with is a Silent Knight 5208.

Incandescent plates are really simple devices… Unlike the Simplex Strobes / Horns, it is unlikely that FWR will have any effect on the incandescent bulb. SOME light plates may have additional electronics, flashers, etc… Those components may have requirements, but if I remember correctly that light plate is simply a simple bulb and nothing more.

Destin said this in the topic I’m referring to:
“All polarized incandescent lights should operate on FWR panels. 4050-80’s and 2903-9001’s are non-polarized lights and will cause a short trouble”. Not sure if that applies to non-FWR-outputting panels but just thought I’d throw that in there for good measure.

Honestly, you should be fine. The 2903 light plates (at least the ones I’ve seen) actually do have polarization diodes (they are underneath what looks like a clear plastic wire cap on the light harness). I’ve used a 2903-9001 with my 4010 before, and it worked like it should have without issues. As far as FWR is concerned, you should be alright as Zach said. I could have sworn the 5208 outputs filtered DC, but I could be wrong…

Well, mine DID come with a diode, but stupid me thinking it was some wire that someone had added on immediately removed it & started tearing it apart. Thankfully I haven’t separated any of the wires & can put it back together the way it was, I did however tear up the plastic “jacket” holding 3 of the wires together. (nothing too serious though)

I’m mixed on whether the 5208 DOES output filtered DC or not. The manual & Silent Knight themselves say FWR, but the sound of the alarms hooked to it says filtered. (i.e. all mechanical horns sound smooth rather than raspy/buzzy as they would normally sound on FWR)