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Do You Think We Should Have Like Buttons?

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I think it would be a good idea to have a like button on each post. This would not be any kind of karma or reputation system, but simply a button that users could press on a post they like. There would be either a number, or a list of users who have liked the post.

NOTE: You can only vote once on the poll, no changing your answer, please think carefully before polling.

I do think that we should have one, but just as long as we don’t have a dislike button or a button that that subtracts karma.

I think we should have a like button as long as it is NOT affiliated with Facebook etc.

We are probably going to do this sometime soon! :smiley:

Hopefully! There have been so many times that I wanted to press a like button on someone’s post. A like button can also be doubled as a “I agree” button, so it is useful.

I see the point of this, but in order to implement it, it would require editing the theme and either using a 3rd-party service or we (the admins) put something together. But this probably won’t happen because there isn’t a need for such thing.

Alright, at least we tried…

I like this post.

Too bad we don’t have the button! lolololololol :lol:

Even though this petition for the Like button was a yes and I would normally start an official poll,

I am not doing so in this situation because implementing a Like button involves making a modification to the forum’s code that may negatively affect its operation.

Sorry, everyone.

Man, that stinks.

Everyone, click here for a perfectly fitting sound effect :smiley:

It’s alright. It’s for the reliability of the forum board.

I dont think its a good idea because were here to help not ‘‘oooooww this is a good post’’ unless it would do some sort of saveing it.

The help forums are really the only forums that we would “help” other users in. Everything else is discussion/sharing based. So, in my opinion, this would be a good idea. Even in the help forums, agreeing with another post is still acceptable. I have been on a general electrical board that had a like feature, and everyone used it all the time, especially in the help forum.

It’s a good idea in the sense that a newbie can find factual information with the post that the users have proven to be true. This like button would help the good, factual, well-written posts go to the top while the others that are not as trustworthy are filtered to the bottom.

If there were to be a like button, it would probably only just have a number for the amount of people that liked a post, and most likely wouldn’t rearrange the post order.

Exactly, and if the least popular posts ended up at the bottom, it would make the topic very confusing to read.

That is why I don’t want it

The button doesn’t have to move posts around, it can simply display the number of people who liked the post. I don’t think it would be good, either, if it moved posts around. The other way, with the like counter, I like that.

The system that would of been installed would place a “Like” button and a total number of likes at the bottom of each post. The posts themselves would not get ordered around at all.