Locked Myself Out Of Ademco Panel

Alright, so I somehow let my Ademco key slip through the space between the lip on the panel door and the panel housing itself. I’ve already tried feeling for it at the bottom using a side knockout, but to no avail. I don’t feel like purchasing a new key just to get it open and retrieve the old one, so what would be the best course of action at this point?

You could try picking the lock. I’ve been able to pick multiple fire alarm locks (to be clear, out of my collection, not in public haha) with a paper clip and a bit of patience.

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Also, assuming it is a camlock, you could get a pair of pliers and try twisting it clockwise. This should loosen the nut on the back enough to allow the entire lock to be rotated, so you could retrieve the key, and then tighten the lock back into place. However, this could cause scratching on the surface of the lock or the paint around the lock, but it is a lot quicker than picking the lock if you don’t have the patience for it.

The hole is not perfectly round, they are shaped more like an electrical outlet. They are designed that way to prevent what you just described from being done.

You could ask a locksmith, if you bring the panel to their shop then they may do it for free.

Either take a drill bit and bust the lock open, Not the smartest idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Go to your local locksmith like NewAgeServerSaid.


You could order a key. It comes with a new lock too. :wink:


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