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Greetings everyone,
I am creating this topic because some people here may have questions regarding my fire alarm brand (work in progress). You can check out my website, and feel free to ask some questions here!


This is an amazing website nice job

Thanks for checking out the website and thank you for your feedback!

You’re Welcome

Also what website maker are you using
because i am good with making websites

@DeveloperB I use Google Sites. I’ve heard from people that Google Sites sucks but it’s not like my website is supposed to be anything crazy lol. Kinda just a place to display new product information and a place to find the manuals and datasheets for my products. I don’t need eCommerce features (yet at least) because I sell privately. People can send me the money via PayPal then I ship the package. I don’t do eBay because eBay fees are ridiculous, and I would have to raise the price on eBay to cover the fee.

Thanks For Letting Me Know

Maybe i Can help transfer your website to another platform

Added a page

Nice page Addition to your website

Thanks I appreciate it

Im thinking about buying one of your mini horns

You could be successful like other small companies like firecom inc

Do you manufacture these at your small company

I mean my house isn’t quite a company building but I do manufacture them at home.

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Hello everyone! I have opened a new email address so you can now email sales@loganetics.com if you want to order something! I will still be active on loganetics@gmail.com though.

@Loganetics1 Could I Be Apart of your Discord Team?

You can join the server if you want; however, we are pretty much all set for the staff team.

Thanks could you join my discord server?

hey logan, i just started here on the panel. so uhhhhh this is different than The Siren Board - Index page

It should be, I’ve never heard of that site tho.