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What sort of timeline are you looking at for UL testing? Can’t really use it personally until that’s done.

I’m 15 right now and a UL listing costs like $5,000 so that will be a long time. I mean you technically can use it… nothing wrong with a collector owning a non UL listed device considering it’s not being used in a real building (assuming you’re not trying to install this in a real building. If that’s what you’re concerned about, I understand)

He can’t afford UL testing. This is only for collectors

Yeah, as a 15 year old I have other priorities especially saving for a car

Logan’s Ford expedition :joy:

Caleb’s ford van truck

Hello everyone! I have opened a new email address so you can now email sales@loganetics.com if you want to order something! I will still be active on loganetics@gmail.com though. (this has also been posted in my other topic)