Looking for a Gamewell 1924/1931 Peerless Pull Box door

Hello everyone,

I am a firefighter in upstate NY. Before I got on the job, I purchased an older Gamewell fire alarm box from ebay, probably in 2006 or so. It sat for a long time, until I went and got it powder coated for eventual display in my home. The hinge pins for the door were broken off and I sent the door out to be repaired.

Unfortunately, the guy who has the door has gone MIA, and I have a partially finished fire alarm box that I would really like to enjoy. In my search on ebay, it appears that finding parts of older call boxes is difficult unless I want to buy a whole new box.

In my research today, I found this forum and joined. Lots of interesting info and I was intrigued to find a buy/sell/trade forum. SO, I am here looking to see if anyone out there would happen to have the part I am looking for.

The box model I think is Peerless. I am not sure if I need an iron door or aluminum as I don’t remember if the original door said herculite on the bottom. I would need the complete door, keyhole cover, and quick pull handle with the intact spring.

I found an old ad online that shows the model:

If anyone could help me find this part so I can finally complete this project, I would really appreciate it. A PM or a reply to this thread would be fine.



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I unfortunately do not have an answer for you, but that situation really sucks… Hoping someone here will either be able to help you out or that whoever made off with your door gets it back to you!

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I hope so too Zach. At this point, I wouldn’t even care that its fixed, I just want it back.


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Anyone? I’m amazed no one has this.