Looking for a key switch for a Simplex 4602-9102

I just got a Simplex 4602-9102 annunciator to use on my Simplex 4002. Unfortunately when I got it it had a piece if a key broken off in the switch. I tried everything to get it out, but was unable to remove it without destroying the key switch, so I’ll need a replacement. That being said, does anybody have, or know where I could find a replacement switch. I thought of sacrificing a Simplex remote test station, but I don’t know if it will be small enough to fit between the metal frame and the main board. Anyone have any suggestions?

Have you looked up the part on eBay

I have, couldn’t find anything.

Well it looks like your going to have to sacrifice a Test station


If you’re sure it’s the same switch as in the remote test stations, I have some.

was thiswhat u were lokking for

Not the whole plate, just the key switch itself. I’ve looked at pictures of these test stations and it looks like the key switch is longer than the one that came with the annunciator, meaning that it wouldn’t fit in between the metal frame and the circuit board.

would be cool to add to ur collection tho

Personally I’m more into the older Simplex devices. I usually won’t go out of my way to buy non Simplex devices (not always), but I’ll welcome newer devices into my collection under the condition that they’re free.

that makes scens I can only collect pulls and strobes and smokes rn

Use a simplex A key It works.