Looking for a key switch for a Simplex 4602-9102

I just got a Simplex 4602-9102 annunciator to use on my Simplex 4002. Unfortunately when I got it it had a piece if a key broken off in the switch. I tried everything to get it out, but was unable to remove it without destroying the key switch, so I’ll need a replacement. That being said, does anybody have, or know where I could find a replacement switch. I thought of sacrificing a Simplex remote test station, but I don’t know if it will be small enough to fit between the metal frame and the main board. Anyone have any suggestions?

Have you looked up the part on eBay

I have, couldn’t find anything.

Well it looks like your going to have to sacrifice a Test station


If you’re sure it’s the same switch as in the remote test stations, I have some.