Looking for a timer, and other products.

Hi! I have been pretty silent for the past few months mainly because of my loss of fire alarm interest (though not fully gone, its not as strong as before). But I want to make my own outdoor siren, but I have a problem. I wanted it to rotate, but its a loudspeaker on a box with wiring inside, how can I have it rotate WITHOUT the wires snapping? Another thing is that If I cant make it by speaker, I’ll be more than glad to make it by chopper. Though yet again I have no idea how it would rotate without constantly fixing the wires. Also, does anyone know where to get timers, like one whenre I can turn a dial or set a time digitally and have a circuit close for the time selected. Anyways if anyone would like to help me out and give me some more tips, my email is elias91r@yahoo.com, I have it open 24/7 on my iPhone and if anyone does help, then thanks :slight_smile:

I have never seen inside of a siren, but I’m guessing they use two circular contact discs. I would show you an example of a steering wheel with car horn connections like this, but I really don’t have the time to remove the steering wheel. Wires go to the discs, and there’s pegs on the contacts of the other end. Or there’s bushings, like in motors.