Looking for Another Panel

Hello, I know I haven’t posted in a long time. I am posting because I am planning on getting an addressable panel but I don’t which brand to go with out of the following: Notifier, Fire-Lite, Silent Knight, and Kidde. As always with my "what should I get?’ posts, I have a strawpoll so that you can vote for which one I should get. https://www.strawpoll.me/19690857

I voted for Fire-Lite MS9200.

I like the Fire-Lite too because there are a lot of YT videos on it if I do need help for some reason. But I am definitely considering the Notifier because it is probably somewhat similar (Fire-Lite and Notifier are both owned by Honeywell), I like the black color better, and it is cheaper.

I voted for the Kidde FX-64 but that is only because I never heard of it and want to see what it is because I never saw it before.

It is a panel S.E.R Safety (YT Channel) has. I already know the default passcode for it so that’s good.

Some advice: I would stick with Honeywell products because they are easy to work (in my experience)with, and there is plenty of information on them. Other brands like EST and Simplex, which are more proprietary and harder to work with.

What is better? Notifier or Fire-Lite? I am basically stuck between the two lol.

For me I am a bit prejudiced since I associate Notifier with the metric truck ton of SpectrAlert Advances that pop up everywhere at least over here so I would go Fire-Lite.

Should I get the MS-9200UDLS or the ES-50X?

The Notifier Fire Warden Panel is exactly the same as the Firelite stuff. Just a black can. So whatever parts you find cheaper go with that panel.

The Notifier is actually cheaper. I also love the black can on it.

Well guess we got a winner then. NFW-50x it is !!!

Is the NFW-100 good too? <LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.securityandfire.honeywell.c … rden-100-2”>https://www.securityandfire.honeywell.com/notifier/en-us/browseallcategories/control-panel/firewarden/firewarden-100-2</LINK_TEXT>

When purchasing an addressable panel definitely consider your much-restricted options for peripherals (especially for a hobbyist); you’ll be totally at the mercy of 3rd party sellers for compatible smoke detectors, pull stations, modules, etc.

Fire-Lite devices are definitely more common (and less expensive) on platforms like eBay. Therefore if 2 different panels are within ~$100 of each other, I would definitely pick the one whose devices sell for less. You will ultimately need more addressable devices than addressable panels, after all!

If you’re looking for a beginner panel, the Fire-Lite and Notifier 50-point panels are great choices (aside from brand identity the boards are basically identical) because they’re abundant and there’s lots of great support both here, on the website, and on YT. Like others have said, Kidde (or EST/Simplex/GamewellFCI/Farenhyt) are all much more proprietary, and therefore harder to get support for.

The Fire-Lite MS9600, Silent Knight 6808, and Notifier NFW-100/100X are definitely good choices if you’re looking to get some more experience with programming the panels using PC software and setting up custom control policies, mapping, etc.

If you want to get really technical, some panels, like my Silent Knight 5820XL, do not read the brand codes, so I can use some FlashScan devices (like the Notifier NOT-BG12LX or FMM-101) with no troubles (although Fire-Lite/CLIP devices do not work due to protocol differences). Make sure you know the software version and do your research on brand mixing (lots of great info on this forum!) before you stake your money on cross-compatibility.

Thanks! The Notifier devices are cheaper than Fire-Lite, and I do like programming so I am going with the NFW-100-2 since it is the cheapest.

Is all I need for a working panel a board and cabinet? I already have the other stuff like the devices and power cord.

Is a board and cabinet all I need if I already have the devices, power cord, and batteries? EDIT: Sorry for posting twice, I thought the first one didn’t go through because I didn’t see the second page lol.

Yes and No. Here’s some general advice for when you’ve got a new panel:

First thing you should do before purchasing a panel is read it’s manual cover to cover (Notifier manuals found easily on the website or from quick google search). It will describe in detail how to set the panel up, wire AC power, wire devices to the SLC, batteries etc. Make sure the panel in the listing includes any accessories in the cabinet that you need (like a transformer/separate power supply module, etc).

For AC power, your panel will either have AC terminals on the board itself (marked Line/Neutral/Earth or B/W/G), or pigtail connections to a transformer in the cabinet. Manual will specify how to wire it. In either case, remember for 120VAC, black is hot, white is neutral, and green is ground. Always always ALWAYS connect the ground!

For initiating devices, make sure they are compatible with the control panel and wire them to the SLC per the manual. Same for N/As. Do field wiring without any power to the panel, because even an unintentional brief short can kill it. I destroyed an MS-4 by trying to modify the NAC circuit while the panel was on.

The batteries are arranged in series (2 12V batteries) to make 24V, again manual specifies how to connect the batteries. Connect AC and allow the panel to completely boot up before connecting the batteries.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask them here, but please definitely be specific on what exactly you’re trying to do and any resources you have already tried.

Yeah, I agree, although my company uses Vigilant/Kidde products. It’s like the cheaper EST line of alarms, and far easier to program those panels than the EST ones.

If I manage to get the default passcodes etc. for a simplex or EST panel, should I be good to go?