Looking for Just the magnet side of a Magnetic Proximity Sensor

I have a 22-year-old house with a DSC PSC832 system.
All the windows are wired with C&K 9849C magnetic proximity sensors (reed switches) but only the downstairs windows have the corresponding magnetic piece in place (the magnet portion is labeled Amseco).

Is there a way to buy just the magnetic portion for these switches? I’ve looked but I can only find them sold as pairs.

Theoretically any type of magnet has the ability to trigger reed switches. I don’t live in North America so I don’t know if using a common magnet instead of the corresponding dedicated magnet module would violate the code. If doing so is legal, generic round neodymium magnets with mounting holes at center will work.

Thanks. That would work. I’d really like to find the type that are pre-packaged with a white plastic case and double-sided tape to ease installation and match the windows. If I can’t find a source for that, I’ll order the magnets. I can always paint them and use double-sided tape.

Looks like just the magnetic side is hard to find… But considering how cheap you can get generic pairs, may be best to simply buy a bunch of the pairs and set the other sensors aside. Not bad to have some replacement sensors laying around if you ever need one.

If they’re only sold in pairs, I’ll either buy the pairs or just the magnets.

Would this work?