Looking for willbill808

Hi, everyone. I’m looking for user willbill808, and I don’t see a way to message people directly. If anyone is in contact with him, can you let him know I am reaching out?

I recently removed a detector from my ceiling and found the post below when searching the model number. It still works (when hardwired to power) and I’d like to offer it to him!

@willbill808 Just realized I can “at” a name for notifications. Hope this works!

you can also send him a PM by clicking on his Profile Pic and then hit the Message button.

I was looking for something like that, but I don’t see a “Message” option. Maybe I don’t have permission to do that?

For instance, this is what your profile looks like to me:


oh, I see, that is because you are a new user. just give it a day and you should be able to.

Hmm, still not able to. If you wouldn’t mind sending a PM on my behalf and adding the link to this thread to it, I’d appreciate it. I don’t want to put you in a weird spot, though, so it’s totally up to you.

I would talk to zach about that

You have to reach the basic user trust level. Feel free to contribute to new topics, and eventually you’ll get that trust level.

@_Shiloh @Alex_Wilkinson Thank you for your help. I do appreciate it. I’m not really part of the community or anything, so I don’t really have much to contribute in terms of topics, etc. I just have a specific alarm that willbill808 was looking for at the time, so I figured I’d try to offer it to him. I guess I’ll give it a bit to see if he replies to any alerts for these posts before offering it to the wider community. Thanks!

The new chat feature should work for you, I’ll send a message there to see if that’ll work for you. Just open up the chat widget and press + and putting in the username will allow you to private chat with the user.

but I don’t think the new users who just joined have that permission either.

@Kai_Bannon I don’t see a message anywhere, so I think you’re right. Thanks for trying anyway!